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Muusika The 69 Eyes, Type O Negative, Koik mis kaldub ghooti, pungi, rocki ja metalli poole  
Lemmikluuletus Bloody Kisses

Love is something you share only with the one you love.
But love is not ownership.
You are not owned, therefore, you cannot be shared.
You are, your own destiny.
You are my eternal love.
As the crimson blood leaks from my open wounds
Death is standing beside me
as a dark mistress
she invite me
to one last night of passion
Is this the end of life or the beginning
How can love, create a new life
and destroy one already existing
the answer lies, in our souls
it is carried away, by the winter winds.
Goodnight my Angel
As the blood leaks on the white marbled floor,
It`s reminds me of Dark Roses on white lace,
The memory of an angel, who has barely lived for a moment,
But long enough to destroy a man and take his heart and soul away,
An angel, so innocent, so beautiful,
The blood leaks but the answer is still carried away by the winter winds.
Just let me rest in your arms for a moment.
Let me feel the beating of your heart
Make me yours.........Make me yours
I`ve been blinded, lost and confused, Heaven is no friend of mine, no God ever knocked at my door, I see a black moon rising and it`s calling out my name, I`m standing on the dark side of time reaching for the power of your hand.
Shattered dreams, addiction to pain, the absolution never comes, for the crime of blood, the sanguinary dreams, the death of angels, kneeled beside a grave on a rainy night, the name carved in stone tear`s me apart, only letters that time washes away like a castle made of sand, that`s all is left, no one see`s my tears as I`m crying in the rain, I beg but it`s seem`s, I`m trying to lit a candle in the wind, I live only to carry the pain, and the memory.
A Dark Angel, beautiful, the blood leaking from her open wrist, she give`s me her blood, she give`s me her soul, but as I touch her she disapears, to return on the next night, but still, I can`t touch her.
As the rain keeps falling, my bleeding hands dig`s the soft wet ground, deeper and deeper shall I crawl, begging to rest with the dead, the secure feeling of the tomb, the forgiveness of death, only in the grave are there no dreams, no tears.
I shall rest in the loneliness of this grave, for my second death, until you my beautiful Dark Angel comes to save me, our blood shall become one, with all these tombstones as our guardians, take me, make me yours my love ... ............make me yours.
Wipe away the tears from my eyes, there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be anymore pains, for the former things are passed away.
no more pains.............no more pains...............no more pains
For our lust, we shall be damn,
I wont fear the flames of hell, as long as you hold my hand,
hold me in your arms, we dance in the fire, burning with desire.
My crimson blood, I give, take it my love, drink the life I give you,
I am yours, the ecstasy drains me of my will, I`m yours eternally.
A mix of pains and pleasures, addicted to your touch, addicted to your erotic bite,
I surrender my body and my soul to my mistress, enslaved by your eyes,
as I lay on the altar of your temple my goddess, I sacrify myself, take me.
Let me love you to death, forever, I`m your crucified angel.
Through the light of a white moon
I`ve search for your shadow
mistress of my nights
Where are you, my blood angel
Come and carry me away
Away from the loneliness
I see peoples digging a grave
is it mine
Will I forever rest
With only the worms as companions
With a lonely tombstone
Erected in my memory
Only in death are there no dreams, no tears
As I lay in the darkness of this tomb
Will you Angélique my blood angel save me
Forever yours
When the night has come
only one light shinning in the dark
I can see your love
as a guiding light
taking my lonely ship to shore
let me love you
through the storm of my life
you are my shelter
take my lonely hand
and guide me to your heart
to the heat of your soul
the image of an angel
shinning with the fire of love
this is what I can see
when I look at you
how can I deserve your love
the love of an angel
when my soul is burning in the fire of hell
but you are guiding me out of hell
as a guardian angel
and for that I love you
you know, I love you Angel
A beautiful angel fallen from heaven,
came and took my lonely hand
She told me
That she loved me
Now I dream of this angel
all through my days and my night
She took my heart
she took my soul
and caried them away
from the fire of hell
Me the lonely Dark Angel from hell
I love this fallen angel
Don`t fade on me or i`ll fade with you
I need your soul to complete mine
An angel to help a dark angel
a woman to love a man
Wonderfull, was this word invented for her
when I caress her beauty with my eyes
I feel I would give my life and my soul
I feel the heat of the fire of love
when I look deep in her wonderfull eyes
oh please let me only once
run my fingers in her hair
I, the lonely outcast dark angel
touch her soft skin of satin
oh let me only once
make love to this beautiful angel
I love you, angel
Oh, please let me only once love her
For many years, I have been burning
Shall I burn, my eternety in the fire
I admire an angel from above
A beautiful lady I can`t reach
My soul is bleeding with love
Please let me only once touch her
Caress her soft skin of satin
I can only tend my hand to her
She can only look at me with tears in her eyes
Can her tears put out this fire burning me
I can only feel her pains
The pains she feels because of me
Oh let me only once, caress her hair
See what secret her body hides
Feel the love of this Angel
Feel her hand on mine
I the lonely dark angel
I will love forever this beautiful lady
Oh please let me only once
Love this Angel
Hold her in my arms
Who is this Angel, who been able to turn my eye`s off the gates of hell
a beauty so fascinating, that she blinded my eyes
Since I put my eye`s on her, my soul belongs to her
Oh let me only once,
taste the lips of this Angel
Love this beauty
Death is here with me
she stand behind me
her dark shadow covers me
I can feel her cold aura
her cold hand on my shoulder
she tells me, to follow her
that I wont feel any suffering
any pains
please take my hand
hold me tight so she wont be able to take me
to carry me in the cold dephts of forgiveness
in the darkness of the tomb
Angel, If you look into my soul,
you will only see a dark shadow,
an empty void,
the only light in my soul
are the fire of my own hell,
I`m just an empty shell
I love the night
As an eternal mistress
She covers me, she loves me

Dark lady, surouded by the silver rays of the moon
She invites me, in a land of dream
Where I am the hero
A land where I`m the king
And she`s my queen

The night full of the lust of the hidden lovers
In her eternal shadow
They fullfill their passions
Untill dawn break the spell

In her arms, my beloved Angel
We loved each others
Eternally one
May this night never end 

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