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A Woman Of Seasons

You met her in a chat room as Kate 26
Laughed and confided, you even shared pics.
This message is posted to tell Kate is away,
She has morphed into someone quite different today !!! .....

.... You will find her in chat rooms as wildgentlebreeze
Her hormones are raging, quite hard to please
She's cutting, sarcastic and sometimes quite lewd,
Not at all like the Kate 26 that you knew !!! ......

....The seasons change less than Kate 26 moods
Sometimes she's a cartoon, at others a nude.
With each different picture she changes her name,
Don't take it personal, it is part of her game......

....Sometimes she is funny, flirtatious and fat,
At others real lonely and missing her cat.
She is friendly or furious, on Mondays she's meek,
At least five different people by the end of the week !! ......

.....On Tuesday she has kids on Wednesday there's none,
Cause this is the night Kate 26 has her fun.
She is hetro and mono, bi and is gay,
This isn't confusing, it just depends on the day !!!! .....

....On Fridays real sporty, off with the crowd,
On Saturdays dancing with music played loud.
She climbed mountains and sailed, loved and she lost,
Went riding on horseback, took drugs and smoked pot !!

....Lived in Perth and Kentucky, sometimes as a bot,
Lived in cold snowy places, others quite hot.
But the truth to be known; ask if you dare,
Kate 26 never moved from her chair !!!!!!!! ....

....And I guess that's the magic of internet chat,
Some people are honest, some wear different hats.
So remember behind clever names on the screen,
There are people there typing who are not what they seem !!.....

.....And as for your new friend, young Kate 26,
She looks nothing like that sexy young chic.
Though her mind is still sharp, her fingers move quick,
She probably thinks you're a bit of a Dick !!! .....

.....She has four grown children, she's old and is grey,
Re- living her youth in a 'virtual' way.
To find the real person, I'm sorry to say,
It's a pity but matey ____ You picked the WRONG DAY !!!!  

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